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At 'Nuts by ofi', we pride ourselves in working closely with our customers and communities to source quality wholesale nuts and provide industry resources to help you achieve your business objectives.  Established in 1989, we are farmers, suppliers, processors, and innovators with deep industry expertise of our wholesale nuts. We are your "one-stop shop" to conveniently purchase premium, quality, and sustainable wholesale nuts for your product and/or business needs. From the orchard to the store, we’re at the forefront of global nut production.


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Almond Varieties
Organic Almonds
Sliced, Slivered, Diced Almonds
Almond Butter
Almond Flour, Meal, Powder
Cashew Varieties
Organic Cashews
Cashew Wholes
Cashew Pieces, Splits
Cashew Meal, Powder
Cashew Butter, Oil
Hazelnut Varieties
Hazelnut Paste
Walnut Varieties
Walnut Pieces
Peanut Varieties
Peanut Paste
Pistachio Varieties
Inshell Pistachios
Shop Wholesale Nuts!Shop Wholesale Nuts!

Why ofi's Wholesale Nuts?

From the orchard to the store, we’re at the forefront of global nut production — serving the needs of customers and farmers, and working to reduce environmental impact of our wholesale nuts.


Sustainability is at ofi's core: delivering customizable solutions and supply chain excellence of our wholesale nuts.

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