Buying cashews in bulk is the most economical way to purchase these popular nuts, especially if you are in the snacking business, or own a confectionary unit that manufactures nutrition or nut bars. Buying cashews in bulk makes the most economic sense, being more cost-efficient than purchasing individual bags at dynamic prices.

There are several options for buying cashews in bulk, depending on the nature of your business, how much you want to buy, and the place to buy from.  Typically, it involves selecting from a wide variety of grades, sizes, and granularities. offers 30 different grades of cashew, as the largest B2B supplier in the US and Canada.

Why should businesses buy cashews in bulk?

Cashew nuts offers a multitude of benefits – they’re a great source of copper and are rich in unsaturated fats, protein, and zinc (Healthline, June 2020). Cashews have become a popular choice of snack in the US with the growing demand for convenient foods by the health-conscious consumer.  There’s also a growing appetite for cashews that are salted, smoked or flavored with butter or pepper.  With the noticeable shift towards vegan lifestyles, the usual go-to sources of protein are slowly being replaced by cashews and other nuts of the equivalent nutritional value.

Therefore, businesses such as manufacturers, bakers, and caterers buy bulk cashews to make cashew bars, cakes or cashew-based sauces and desserts. The shelf life of cashews can be extended by a further 6 months if refrigerated, to one year if frozen (SE,2018). With that in mind, supply shortages and price fluctuations provide another incentive to buy ahead in bulk.

The market for bulk cashews in the United States

Cashew production in the US is very nominal; therefore, it largely depends on cashew imports from Vietnam and India to meet the growing market demand. Market data tells us that the US is the largest importer of cashew kernels in the world and demand is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.1% during the forecast period (2020-25).

The cashew market in the US is segmented based on various applications in the food processing industry. Businesses in the US buy bulk nuts to produce nut bars, shakes, butter, desserts, and bakery products. On the basis of product, the cashew market is classified as whole cashews, roasted, meal, paste, powder, and splits. By application, the businesses buy cashews in bulk because they are either manufacturers, resellers, brands retailers, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, specialist stores, etc.

Where do I buy bulk cashews in the US? is the best place to buy bulk nuts and seeds. We specialize in supplying 30+ cashew grades, including products that are organic, natural, wholesale, broken, and splits. We offer real-time pricing, shipping solutions to fit your needs, and instant credit on all orders placed on the website.

What is the minimum order quantity?

There are 3 different quantities in which you can buy cashews from

  • Cashew cartons – The minimum order quantity to buy is a carton. A single carton is typically 50 pounds.
  • Cashew pallets – For the convenience of large-scale buyers, brands, and manufacturers, we have cashew pallets, a pallet is 2,000 pounds made up of 50 pound cartons.
  • Cashew containers – We are also in capacity to meet really large volumes. You can also place an order to order a cashew container/truckload of 35,000 pounds.

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Here’s the latest cashew market report from November 17th.