Olam Superfoods sources directly from a transparent and traceable supply chain of an expanding network of about 3,000 smallholder farmers whom we have been working with since 2018 across all the quinoa and chia growing regions.

With a year-round presence on the ground, our field team is able to support farmers at all stages of crop growth and have developed a unique understanding of the farmers’ numerous needs and challenges, helping to truly make a positive impact in their livelihoods, communities and landscapes..

Main challenges identified in quinoa supply chains:

Lack of access to training

Low yields

Post-harvest losses

Soil degradation

Lack of access to basic services


Data-driven approach

Farmgate level data collected via the Olam Farmer Information System (OFIS) allows our business to understand the complexities of each farmer group in order to design and deliver tailored sustainability action plans, as well as measure the improvement over time.

We have mapped and surveyed around 1,500 smallholder farmers between 2019-2020 through OFIS, collecting key data in the following Material Areas:

Economic opportunity

Safe & decent work

Health & nutrition

Education & skills

Diversity & inclusion

Healthy ecosystems

Healthy soils

Climate change

Water use


AtSource+ is our sustainability insights platform through which we deliver Olam’s ambitions, as well as help our customers to meet their own sustainability goals.

In 2020, we registered 1,937 quinoa and 144 chia farmers across 32 farmer groups

With 100+ customisable economic, social, and environmental metrics available, we can refine our sustainability programmes to meet the specific needs of farmers and their communities.

Through the AtSource+
platform, customers
can monitor 9 core
sustainability topics
relating to 12 SDGs
across our network of
31 smallholder farmer
groups clustered by
geographical proximity.
Granular and
customisable metrics
offer comprehensive
insights specific to each
farmer group.

Organic Program

To help farmers improve crop quality and productivity while better integrating into organic supply chains, our field team delivers training on good agricultural practices, in accordance with international organic and trade requirements.

To help farmers improve crop quality and productivity while better integrating into organic supply chains, our field team delivers training on good agricultural practices, in accordance with international organic and trade requirements.

We go beyond training in organic farming to encourage the use of traditional practices that have worked well for the fragile Andean lands, increasing stmallholders’ resilience to adverse climatic conditions.

In 2020, around 2,500 smallholder farmers from our supply chains, across all growing regions,
achieved third-party certification.

Respecting people, planet & nature

Respecting final consumers & beliefs

Respecting farmers & workforce

We promote organic supply chains because organic production integrates cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that promotes the recycling of resources, ecological balance, and biodiversity conservation.

We practice the highest standards for food safety and hold all permits on food safety required by local authorities, ensuring that we supply healthy and safe products to the end consumer.

We safeguard the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and workers at all stages of production. We work with the Fairtrade Foundation to ensure safe working conditions and fair price for smallholder farmers.

Community Spotlight

We strive to engage with our farming communities in meaningful ways by considering their perspectives and needs in developing our sustainability programmes.

COVID-19 Response

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak in Peru, Olam Superfooods has increased efforts to safeguard employees’ health and wellbeing by implementing preventive measures and training across all our work sites.
We have also provided frontline workers with free access to quinoa and chia through our frequent donation drives.

PPEs Provision

The recent outbreak has further increased need for farmers to have access to appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
for them to remain safe.


Thank you to all our partners and colleagues who have contributed to Olam’s sustainability activities, the Olam Nuts sustainability team who is constantly improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, and the entire Olam Peru team.

Olam Superfoods is part of the Olam Food Ingredients (OFI) Group which offers sustainable, natural, value-added food products and ingredients so that consumers can enjoy the healthy and indulgent products they love. Olam Superfood is committed to re-imagining agriculture in the field along with the other OFI businesses of Cocoa, Dairy, Coffee and Spices. We connect customers to farmers through integrated supply chains, deep origin expertise, long-lasting partnerships, and Purpose.