Olam is committed to providing the best products for our customers by complying with quality and safety regulations, and walnuts are no exception.

We source our walnuts from the US and Chile and are the first processor to provide a continuous supply of Northern-Southern Hemisphere products from a single BRC-certified facility.

The processing facility in Vietnam ensures the customers purchase only the highest and consistent quality walnuts throughout the year.

Olam customers have the option of purchasing bulk walnuts and wholesale walnuts.

How does Olam ensure the safety and quality of their walnuts?

Our processing methods aim to reduce two common problems that walnuts face:

  • Rancidity and resulting off-taste: Puts off consumers and affects long term consumption of walnuts.
  • Broken pieces: Pieces look uninviting for snack usage.

How does Olam overcome these problems?

  • Hand-shelling the product: This ensures that the walnuts have less breakage and the product retains its structural integrity. Gentle handling preserves the protective skin of nut.
  • Temperature controlled supply chain: Our supply chain is temperature-controlled, right from processing in our BRC-certified Vietnam facility, to storage and all the way to transit. Cooler temperatures retain freshness of walnuts.
  • Fresh walnuts: We source our walnuts from California and Chile during their respective peak harvest periods, thereby supplying our customers with the freshest of walnuts throughout the year. We source from California from January to June, while Chile steps in from July to December. This counter-cyclical sourcing of crops is a huge advantage for our customers.
  • Intact halves: Olam offers intact halves that are visually appealing for snack consumption.

We have multiple warehouses across the US that adhere to international food standards. For more information about our warehouses please click here.

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Why Olam Walnuts?

To summarize why customers choose Olam as their walnuts supplier and supplier of other edible nuts, the factors that differentiate us from the competition are:

Below are some of the common questions regarding Olam’s walnut processing methods.  

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding walnuts:

Why do we hand shell walnuts when machines are available?

Olam hand shells the walnuts as this technique produces more wholes when compared to machine shelling. Machine shelling the walnuts could possibly lead to breakage, while hand shelling is a gentler approach that nullifies that threat.

Additionally, hand shell walnuts have less pellicle damage and the risk of foreign matter is lower as there is less ‘shell shatter’ owing to the gentler technique.

Why Wholes? Aren’t Broken Walnuts just as good?

Each have their own uses.

Broken walnuts, like any other nuts, are preferred for culinary and baking applications.

However, if consumers would like to eat walnuts as a healthy snack, the ideal form is a whole. Whole walnuts have better palatability in comparison with wholes and are also a great option for trail mixes.

If consumers would still like to use our walnuts for baking applications, they can do so with no hassle.  

Is pellicle integrity important for customers?

Absolutely. A study funded by the California Walnut Board indicated that pellicle integrity has a direct effect on color, smell, shell life and palatability.  

Is it common to hand shell walnuts?

Yes. Olam hand shells the walnuts sourced from Chile and the US, with 30% of kernels from the US and 60% from Chile sold as inshells.

Where are Walnuts hand shelled?

Olam Walnuts are hand shelled at our BRC certified facility in Vietnam. Please click here to read more about the facility.

How fresh are walnuts after being transported to Vietnam?

Very fresh. Olam ensures temperature control is maintained throughout storage, processing, and kernel shipments to mimic the weather condition of the origins. Temperature control ensures that stricter quality of control.

Additionally, studies have indicated that hand shelled walnuts have less pellicle damage and are better suited for snacking.

Are hand shelled walnuts safe to consume?

Yes, Olam hand shelled walnuts are safe for consumption. In fact, tests indicate hand shelled walnuts tend to have a lower microbiological load.

This could be due to the fact that there are minimal touchpoints with machine parts, which can accumulate walnut meal and microbiological growth.

Olam is one of the largest nut processors in the world and our facility in Vietnam follows global regulations on Food & Worker safety, with the BRC certificate reflecting Olam’s commitment to compliance.

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