Jordan Almonds, Dark chocolate Almonds: Comfort treats for your weekend Netflix binge

You slogged it out from Monday-Friday; all you want to do is sink into your La-Z-Boy recliner chair, fire up Stranger Things on your favorite streaming platform, and enjoy the blessing that weekends are.

You’d like to follow ‘Eleven’ and the gang’s shenanigans with something sweet, but the usual suspects of chocolates and cakes won’t cut it for you as you seek an adventure yourself.

In come Jordan Almonds and chocolate-covered almonds!

These two might be unusual choices for a sweet snack for your weekend TV series binge, but they are worth their every ounce.

So, what are Jordan Almonds?

Jordan Almonds

Jordan Almonds are a classic at American weddings that come in the entire gamut of pastel colors.

These sugar-coated confections are also known as “dragees” or “Italian confetti” and its history takes us to fifteenth-century Europe.

The Europeans got hooked onto the sweet taste of the Jordan almonds and the nuts were served at events and celebrations such as weddings. It is said that Jordan almonds are served at weddings, especially in Italian and Greek, in groups of five because it is an indivisible number.

This indivisibility is symbolic as it represents the unity of husband and wife in a marriage. The five Jordan almonds represent happiness, health, longevity, wealth, and fertility.

In the Middle East, Jordan almonds are considered an aphrodisiac, and guests and the newlyweds eat them at wedding ceremonies.

But how did the almonds come to be called “Jordan almonds”?

There are multiple theories. It is said that “Jordan” is the result of the butchering of the French word “Jardin”, which translates to “garden”. Another theory suggests that the term was about a type of almond that was grown along the Jordan River. These nuts were thin, slender, and long, thin, and were characterized for being smooth kernels despite coming in thick, heavy shells.

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Yet another theory states that Jordan is a corruption of another word “Verdun”, which is the name of the historic town in north-east France. This theory is based on the story that medieval crusaders brought sugar to Europe in the 13th century after campaigns in the Holy Land.

The nuts were considered to have medicinal properties and an apothecary in Verdun began coating medicines with sugar to make them easier to consume.

These sugar-coated medicines were called dragées and the historic town became well known for its dragées de Verdun.

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

If you are looking for something not too sweet, the dark chocolate-covered almonds might just be the right pick for you.

As the name suggests these are almonds covered in dark chocolate and they are a perfect amalgamation of nuts and chocolate.

While the local supermarket will have these readymade, you could also make dark chocolate-covered almonds at the convenience of your kitchen.

The preparation couldn’t be easier, and you can count the number of ingredients for this chocolaty snack on your fingers; dark chocolate of your choice, almonds, and sea salt.

Preparation is as follows:

  • Start by fully melting the chocolate in a double boiler on medium heat.
  • Add the almonds into the chocolate paste and stir until fully covered.
  • Once satisfied with the chocolate coating, remove the almonds from the pan and place it on a parchment cover baking sheet.
  • Finally, sprinkle the desired amount of sea salt on the chocolate-coated almonds and store it in the fridge until they cool down.


These varieties are but two of the different avatars almonds come in and they are a testament to the versatility of the nuts.

Whether you’d like to have a chocolaty kick or bright-colored, sugar-coated goodness in your snack, almonds are an excellent comfort food option for your ‘Netflix and Chill’ evenings.

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