When working with bulk commodities, you will notice the question, “What Quantity are you Looking For?” getting asked frequently. Different reasons contribute to that question, starting with feasibility. It is no surprise that wholesale margins are divided by the units sold. Therefore, it is not that companies don’t want to sell you a smaller quantity for what a large quantity is worth. It is just not feasible for them to do so!

Always remember, something that might be considered a “large quantity” to you might be small to the manufacturer or wholesaler. At OlamNuts.com, we learned to break down the packaging and price of our bulk nuts into three tiers to cater to different company sizes. The three tiers are associated with industry-standard packaging and different pricing matrixes.

It All Starts with a CARTON! 

When it comes to commodities, a carton usually stands for either a 25lb box or 50lb box, in rare occasions, like with our Whole Pistachio Kernels 80%, it’ll even be 30lbs. A carton is the smallest and the priciest quantity you can start within the B2B bulk sales. It may be more expensive than larger quantity amounts (pallets, containers), but it is still much cheaper than retail sales. This packaging is perfect for startups or smaller projects within businesses. While some wholesale providers might find this quantity too small for them to supply, we made it a priority to offer cartons of our different types of nuts to support our customers when they are starting up and as they grow.

Pallets – Where the Real Savings Exist

Pallets, or skids, are 2000lbs, meaning it’ll either carry 40 cartons of 50lbs or 80 cartons of 25lbs. On rare occasions, they’ll be different. For example, the pallet of Natural Hazelnuts 11-13mm is 1102lbs or 50 cartons of 22lbs. Note that anything less than the standard pallet quantity size (typically 2000lbs) will be considered and priced as a “box” because it means breaking up a full pallet. Pallets will service the demand of many segments within the food industry, including manufacturing, food service, distribution, retail, and grocery. Pallet loads will save you the most in terms of price and shipping cost. Of course, you never want to buy more than what you need! So, make sure you only invest in a pallet when you know you will need it.

Finally, a Container

Container loads are the final tier and the largest in quantity count. They are perfect for trade, mass production, or distribution. A container is typically 22 pallets, or 44,000lbs, thus it grants the best pricing. We have a few options of containers including bulk cashews, independence almonds, and hulled sesame seeds. 

The beauty of OlamNuts.com is that you are buying straight from the source! Whether you are interested in a box, a pallet, or a container, we are here for you!

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