Bulk almonds have been added to many businesses’ shopping lists due to their nutritional health benefits and versatility. At times, the taste of almonds can change according to how they are cut. There are three main types of almonds that are sold in bulk which include sliced, slivered, and diced almonds. Each can be distinguished by appearance and flavor.


These types of almonds are precisely what they are described to be: sliced. The sliced almonds hold an oblong-like shape, are peeled and blanched. Sliced almonds are commercially manufactured by using a feeder hopper to cut the almonds with stainless steel plates.


Many often ask, "what is the difference between slivered and sliced almonds?" The difference lies in shape. Slivered almonds are characterized to be cut thicker and are a match-stick shape, while sliced almonds are thinner and, at times, have a see-through quality.


Diced almonds, otherwise known as chopped almonds, appear as small clusters. Unlike sliced or slivered almonds, diced almonds are chunky. 

Common Uses For Sliced, Slivered and Diced Almonds

In recent years almonds have also been processed in milk, as almond butters, and placed in snacks such as trail mix. Although almonds can be enjoyed alone, they can make a great addition to any dish. Check out some ways you can implement almonds in your daily snacks and dishes!

Sliced Almonds

Since sliced almonds are the thinner of all the cut almonds, they are usually paired with breakfast foods or desserts. Sliced almonds are placed in foods such as ice cream, yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal.

Slivered Almonds

Many are attracted to slivered almonds because of their chunky and crunchy features. These almonds are used as ingredients for baked goods such as loaves of bread and cookies. They can also be mixed with breadcrumbs for baking chicken tenders.

Diced Almonds

The most popular recipe that uses these nuts is the roasted diced almond chicken stir fry. The stir fry is a healthy and easy dish that can serve many. Ingredients usually used in a diced almond chicken stir fry are celery, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, peppers, chicken, and chopped almonds.