Looking for tasty ways to incorporate cashews into your diet?  Check out these cashew recipes for ideas on scrumptious snacks, delectable dinners, and divine desserts!

Cashews for Snacking

Candied Coconut Cashews from Bake Eat Repeat are the kind of snack that once you start eating, you simply can’t stop.  A quick recipe that requires just a few simple ingredients, this one is sure to be a family favorite.

Sweet and Spicy Cashews from Leelalicious are the perfect snack for cooler weather – inspired by the author’s trip to Cambodia, they’re a recreation of the salty, sweet and spicy peanuts she snacked on.  This recipe, however, does not use refined sugar!  Instead it calls for honey and coconut sugar.  For an added health benefit, make sure to source your honey locally.

Maple-Orange Sriracha Roasted Cashews from Foraged Dish are perfect for any snack break.  Crunchy, sweet, perfectly spicy, and just a hint of orange zest give these a fresh, complex flavor that will have you munching nonstop.

Easy Honey Roasted Cashews from Food Apparel make for a quick, healthy and popular snack!  5 simple ingredients with the option to add your own flair (a little vanilla extract, or perhaps some cinnamon?), this recipe comes together simply and so quickly that you’ll be snacking in no time.

Cashews Desserts

7 Ingredient Vegan Cheesecakes by Minimalist Baker are a fabulous dessert for the vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant dessert lovers – but its also loved just as much by those with no dietary restrictions!  We also love it because it calls for other favorite nuts of ours for the crust – walnuts or almonds.  They’re no-bake mini cheesecakes that can be customized to any flavor – recipes for peanut butter, blueberry, and bourbon caramel are provided.

Chocolate Chip Homemade Cashew Butter Cookies by Beaming Baker are the dietary restricted dessert lover’s dream cookie – grain free, flourless, vegan, gluten free and dairy free cookies made with 5 simple ingredients. They’re delightfully chewy with perfectly crisp edges and are packed with mouth-watering cashew butter flavor.

Vanilla Cashew Vegan Ice Cream by Bon Appétit will satisfy all of your cravings for a cool, creamy dessert. It requires an ice cream maker, but for an end product like this it’s totally worth it.  Silky smooth with a delightful vanilla bean flavor, the fresh cashews are a critical component to make this oh so creamy.

Asian-Inspired Cashew Dishes

Coconut Chicken Curry in a Hurry by Epicurious is a quick dinner option that is packed with flavor. We’re no strangers to spices here at Olam, and we know that the buttery flavor and creamy texture of cashew pairs perfectly with the fresh zing of garlic and ginger and the warmth of curry spices.  Toasting the cashews also adds a delightful crunch to round out the textural, flavorful dish.

Aromatic Shrimp and Noodle Medicine Soup by Bon Appétit uses cashews to make a flavorful paste that combines with an aromatic broth to create a multi-layered experience of deliciousness.  Pureeing the cashews with other tasty ingredients like fresh ginger and a Fresno chile and then cooking to brown the paste helps meld those flavors and add a delightful toasty element. 

Better Than Takeout Cashew Chicken by Averie Cooks is a fun and easy way to bring the delicious flavors of a restaurant dish to your kitchen.  Juicy chicken, fresh vegetables, and crunchy cashews in a spicy, garlicky sauce make up a tasty dinner in only 20 minutes.  By using unsalted, dry roasted whole cashews you get an added crunch that really ups the texture of the dish as a whole.  Can’t find dry roasted unsalted cashews?  Try making your own by toasting them on the stove or in the oven!

Cashew Cheese & Cashew Cream Dishes

Easy Garlic & Herb Vegan Cheese Ball from Minimalist Baker is a delicious dairy-free addition to your charcuterie boards!  While the recipe itself takes some planning and wait time, prep time is minimal so this "cheese" practically makes itself while you work on other things.  Its creamy and soft, with a garlicky, lemony, herb-infused flavor that's irresistible.

Amazing Vegan Mac & Cheese by Cookie + Kate is the dairy-free way to make your mac n' cheesy dreams come true.  It utilizes basic pantry ingredients and a few unexpected ones (grated potato!) to make this dish remarkably cheese-like, super creamy and silky.  Substitutes are easy with this - opt for broccoli or another green vegetable like peas or kale, or omit completely.  Gluten free pasta is also a great choice if you're going dairy and gluten free!

Vegan Cashew Ricotta Zucchini Lasagna by Making Thyme For Health is a fabulous way to lighten up an old italian classic.  Created by a self-proclaimed "cheese lover," this recipe calls for a cashew ricotta that works beautifully to bind the lasagna together and brings a creamy, cheesy flavor that takes the dish to perfection.  This recipe also calls for a lentil mushroom marinara, but it works just as well when opting for a simple marinara - homemade or jarred works just fine.

Cashew Cream Cheese by Connoisseurus Veg is the dairy free alternative to level up your morning bagels.  Stir-in flavor options are endless - take it savory style (with roasted garlic, chives, roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes...) or make it sweet (strawberries, vanilla, brown sugar...)!  It's a creamy and dreamy addition to your morning breakfast routine.

Cashew Cream by Love & Lemons is a dairy-free alternative to sour cream or heavy cream.  It's versatile with a bright, tangy flavor and delightfully creamy texture.  Use it as a dairy subsititue in pasta sauces, on top of baked potatoes, in burrito bowls, as a base for dips... the options are limitless.  By using plain cashews the cream has a neutral creamy flavor that's perfect for savory recipes.  If you're looking for a nutty cashew flavor, this recipe can also be used with roasted cashews.