A lot of reports say nut consumption is on the rise. Owing to an increase in consumers’ interest in healthy snacking and various evidence of links to health benefits. Retail businesses, snack makers, and small food hubs look to buy bulk nuts because of nuts’ versatility, dietary benefits, and as a popular add-on to any snack. Nuts never go out of season – from nutri bars to shakes to cookies to protein-rich snacks recommended for post workouts, nuts are a preferred add-on with various presentation ideas. Nuts generate interest across any season and drive more sales. Therefore, finding the right bulk nut provider is pivotal as this helps retailers maintain optimal stock in good quality to satisfy their customers. Here are some considerations to make before selecting a bulk nut supplier

Private Label Businesses

Several retailers purchase bulk nuts from olamnuts.com – repackage and rebrand them into smaller bags or fine jars/containers and resell them under their own, private label. This can be among the quickest, easiest ways to turn your business profitable. This allows businesses to flexibly assort or create fine mixtures of various bulk nut varieties into customized packets before reselling them to their customers.

At olamnuts.com, we offer nuts in cartons and pallets, we are the first bulk nuts business to quote prices 24/7, and we allow you to buy on weekends and nights or whenever you need them.

Advantages of buying from olamnuts.com and what makes us stand out amongst bulk nut suppliers:

Fresh Nuts — Since we are manufacturers ourselves, we focus on safety, fairness, quality, efficiency and always supply fresh nuts to our customers.

Quality — We’ve been doing our best for our customers and our communities since 1989 and we promise to adhere to industry standards for quality.

Pallets and Cartons — Olamnuts.com sells in cartons and pallets or can give you a truckload of nuts as required. We don’t easily run out of inventory and our customers take advantage of this.

Availability — We offer a wide variety of nuts year-round. We offer alternative grades that can help you lower your average costs and reduce your delivery timelines - everything from organic cashews to blanched almonds to natural peanut paste, etc. Check out our offerings here.

Quantities — Our pallets are 2,000 lbs. and we also supply as low as 50-lb cartons. This offers an advantage to even the small buyers and retail chains, who don’t have to buy beyond what they need.

Deep Industry expertise — Whether you have questions, need buying advice, or market insights, our trusted advisors are eager to connect with you.  Schedule a call today!

Delivery — We also help you with logistics, which is a big factor in this industry. You can expect shorter turnarounds, averaging about 4 to 5 business days. Check out more on freight and warehouses here.

Seasonality and demand

Nuts are popular and on-demand throughout the year. However, certain nut varieties, like almonds, witness an invariable demand. We strive to supply fresh, high-quality bulk nuts in the right size, quantity, and granularity to suit your business needs. Are you a retailer looking to source bulk nuts or a private label partner looking to position your brand and packaged varieties? Schedule a call or email to us today.