If you are in the business of making plant-based butter, paste, milk, or cheese, this is for you! Your company might be missing out on products that are tasty and cost-effective. As a vertically integrated bulk nut supplier, we're able to offer options to meet our customers' requests. Below is a list of different nuts that you can start using to add more quality to your products while cutting down costs.

Cashew Large Pieces

Cashews are the ultimate go-to product when making a plant-based paste, butter, or cheese. The cashew pieces will give you just the right amount of creaminess after extracting or blending them. Cashew pieces are a cost-effective option when compared to whole cashew kernels that are ideal for snacking purposes. At Olam, we offer cashews in bulk and have both conventional and organic certified options.

Almonds Nonpareil Supreme 27/30

Are you looking to use almonds as a snack or to use to make delicious almond milk? Whether looking to repack, make almond milk or both, Nonpareil supreme almonds will serve their purpose. We offer a broad range of bulk almonds in a variety of shapes, sizes, and granulations, as well as organic almonds.

Organic Wholes and Broken Almonds

When going organic, whole almonds and broken almonds is your best option. Whole and broken almonds are typically sold at a lower cost than whole organic almonds. Therefore, why pay more when you can get it for less? Shop whole and broken almonds in bulk at Olam Nuts.

Walnuts Medium Pieces

The beauty of this product is that you can use walnuts in many different applications. For example, walnuts can be used in baking inclusions, such as in muffins, cookies, or cakes, and as a low-cost option when extracting or blending walnuts to make into a paste. Of course, this product does have to be refrigerated in coolers at a temperature of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit or less to maintain its freshness and taste. If you have the right refrigeration for it, then purchase bulk walnut pieces for various applications!

Natural Hazelnuts

Natural hazelnuts will produce cream and quality that you will taste right away. It is another product that can be used in several applications, like in chocolate inclusions or making creamy hazelnut paste. At Olam, we carry conventional and organic certified options from natural hazelnuts.

Whether you prefer to make plant-based butter and paste yourself or use packaged plant-based butter in bulk, we are here for you! Click Here to register now on OlamNuts.com.