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  1. Health Benefits of Peanuts

    Consuming edible nuts has a positive effect on your body when combined with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise regime, and peanuts are no different.  They contain protein, fat, and other healthy nutrients the human body needs to function well.  In fact, there are studies that point out that consuming peanuts, as part of a healthy diet, could possibly reduce the risk of health disorders and even aid in the effective management of weight.  

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  2. All About Peanuts

    Peanuts are nuts that are actually legumes native to South America.  Grown in soil rather than on a tree, peanuts are also known as ground nuts and are from the same family as soy, lentils and beans. In the United States, they are popular as a peanut butter or even in roasted form; they are rarely ever consumed raw, if at all.  Peanuts’ versatility is their selling point as they are used as various ingredients in multiple dishes...

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