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  1. Now is the Time to Buy California Almonds

    Almonds, and ​California Almonds​ in particular, are leading the game in setting new healthy snack industry trends in 2020. And at ​​, we make it easy to stock up on bulk ​organic almonds​ straight from the source—as well as a wide variety of other trending nuts and superfoods.  Consumers are increasingly on the lookout for foods that are versatile, healthy, and delicious, and ​California almonds​ fit the bill. Dense in nutrients that include protein, fiber, vitamin E, almonds make an excellent addition to any diet, and are also used to create a wide range of different products, from protein powder and nut butter to almond milk and ice cream...

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  2. The Business of Buying Bulk Cashews - What You Need to Know

    Buying cashews in bulk is the most economical way to purchase these popular nuts, especially if you are in the snacking business, or own a confectionary unit that manufactures nutrition or nut bars. Buying cashews in bulk makes the most economic sense, being more cost-efficient than purchasing individual bags at dynamic prices.  Bharani Prasad takes us through why businesses should buy in bulk, the market for bulk cashews, the best place to purchase wholesale cashews, and the minimum order quantity on

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  3. Buying Nuts in Bulk: How To Work With a Wholesale Nuts Supplier

    Buying nuts in bulk isn’t necessarily a complicated process—in fact, it’s as easy as creating an account, placing your order, and letting us know where you want it delivered.  Below, we’ll walk you through a more detailed step-by-step procedure, covering everything that you need to know when you’re buying wholesale products from Olam, the best place to buy bulk nuts and seeds online for your business...

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