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  1. Bringing Organic Quinoa to the World

    Quinoa is the crown jewel of Andean agriculture. As such, many people in the Andean region take pride in making their livelihood as contributors to the industry. What exactly does it take to get this ancient grain from the beautiful fields of Peru, onto your plate?

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  2. Sustainability in Olam Quinoa: Harvest Begins for the Andean Quinoa Farmers

    The healthy values of quinoa grains (Chenopodium quinoa) are well known. The Andean crop is one of the most nutritional grains in the world, with a protein content ranging from 13% to 17%.  Furthermore, it is one of the few grains that contains all the amino acids necessary to support life. Despite the emergence of novel coronavirus, which has strained global food supply chains and curbed demand in many sectors of the industry, the world's quinoa demand has remained steady and is expected to continue to do so...

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