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  1. Nut Ingredients and Vegan Food

    Vegan is a way of eating that excludes any and all animal products.  Food items such as meat, eggs, dairy, honey, and other animal-based dishes and ingredients are excluded from a vegan person's diet.  However, excluding animal products from your diet can be difficult and could possibly put the consumer at risk of nutritional deficiencies.  To mitigate that risk you must make sure your vegan diet is well-planned and rich in essential nutrients...

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  2. The Business of Buying Bulk Cashews - What You Need to Know

    Buying cashews in bulk is the most economical way to purchase these popular nuts, especially if you are in the snacking business, or own a confectionary unit that manufactures nutrition or nut bars. Buying cashews in bulk makes the most economic sense, being more cost-efficient than purchasing individual bags at dynamic prices.  Bharani Prasad takes us through why businesses should buy in bulk, the market for bulk cashews, the best place to purchase wholesale cashews, and the minimum order quantity on

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  3. Improving Every Day for Rural Women

    Olam's ambition to improve smallholder farmer livelihoods cannot be fully achieved without addressing gender equality.  A fundamental human right, gender equality is also strongly linked to agricultural productivity and social and economic development.  As women, we are personally as well as professionally committed to improving the lives of women every day... Burcu Turkay, Narawadee Modenuch, and Brigitte Mugiraneza discuss Olam's initiatives that are working to improve every day for rural women.

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  4. Improving the Livelihoods and Nutrition of Cashew Farmers

    Cashew producing countries face high rates of malnutrition, with many farming households unable to eat healthily themselves. For example, in Côte d’Ivoire, about 1 in 5 children under the age of five are stunted – a result of chronic malnutrition. We at Olam have set out to better understand the situation of the cashew households in our sourcing network; what kind of food they typically eat and if it is enough to meet their food and nutrition needs year-round.

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  5. Creating a Buzz for Cashew Farmers

    With only two harvests a year, the off-season is a typically lean period for Ghanaian households who depend on cashew as their sole means of income.  Working on the ground with cashew farming communities throughout the country, Olam has been supporting those facing this daily reality through the ‘EPIC’ project in partnership with German development agency  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.  This project is helping cashew communities in a multitude of ways - including providing extra income-generating activities, like beekeeping, which Olam has introduced to 400 women in Ghana’s Bono and Savanna regions.

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  6. The Woman Entrepreneur Transforming a Cashew Community

    "I first met Mme Amenan Constantine Kouadio twelve years ago, when she arrived on the doorstep of Olam's regional office in Dimbokro, central Côte d'Ivoire, armed with an idea and solid determination..."

    This is the story of Madame Constantine, a wonderful partnership with Olam, and the success of Djekanou.  Read on to learn about the transformation of this cashew community, and how growing the presence of women in agriculture is the way of the future.

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  7. Indian Cashew Industry Overview

    Cashews may have originated in Brazil, but these days they grow abundantly in multiple countries, including India.  Srirama Murty, a Cashew Analyst for our Olam India team, takes us through the ins and outs of the Indian Cashew Industry.

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  8. High-Protein Foods: Snacks & Recipes

    Protein is an essential nutrient found throughout the body, and it’s an important part of our diets.  Interested in adding some variety to your protein intake?  We’re big fans of incorporating nuts into meals and snacks! 

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  9. All About Cashew

    Cashews - they're delicious, nutritious, widely loved as a snack, and also used as an ingredient in many dairy replacements. #DYK that they're actually a seed and not a nut? We've got a breakdown of the cashew's history, how it's harvested and processed, and a bit of info about that funny looking fruit it's attached to!

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  10. Sustainable Cashews: Working with Farmers the Co-operative Way

    As we recognize International #CoopsDay, the head of our Olam cashew business Mallikarjuna Kumaraswamy explains how the co-operative model is working to reimagine sustainable cashew supply chains.

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