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  1. Walnut Grades

    Hand-cracked walnuts are considered one of the most premium products in the global walnut snack market owing to their flawless looks and high halves percentage.

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  2. Forms of Almonds


    Almonds are an increasingly popular nut used in new product introductions, such as: bakeries, hotel chains, restaurants, cuisines, etc. The rapid

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  3. Cashew Grades

    Cashew Grades

    There are more than 30 cashew grades; however, the buying criteria vary from business to business based on its application.  The American Food Industries Association has developed Commercial Quality Standards, Parameters, Classification, and Abbreviations to standardize and regularize cashew imports into the US market.  We have put together some key information about cashew grades so you can find the perfect nut for your application!

    Cashew Kernels are naturally white or ivory colored and graded based on their shape, size, and color - For example: whites, wholes, scorched, pieces, spotted, splits, etc. Any cashew grade is denoted by two or more alphabets followed by a number - For example: OW 320 means Organic Whole 320. The number "320" denotes that by a measure of one pound in weight,

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  4. What does “Transitional Organic” mean?

    What are transitional almonds and what is their relevance? Its important to first understand a bit about farming  practices

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