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Julianna Foglio

  1. The Role of Nuts in a Plant-Based Diet

    A plant-based diet has increased in popularity over the past few years and if you are considering going plant-based or are already on the path to going plant-based, you’ll find it hard to believe how suddenly nuts become a staple in your diet and a big part of your overall health...

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  2. The Top 5 Nuts to Eat for Better Health

    Nuts are one of the healthiest snack options you can choose. They contain healthy fats and are good sources of fiber and protein. Numerous studies have shown that nuts provide various health benefits - especially in regards to reducing heart disease risk factors...

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  3. Sourcing cashews responsibly with Olam and AtSource

    Cashew nuts are undoubtedly delicious. Because of their great taste and versatility, their popularity is continuing to rise. This is good news, but what can’t be ignored is that cashews are grown mainly by subsistence farmers in remote rural areas...

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  4. Raw Nuts vs. Roasted Nuts: Which is Healthier?

    Nuts are a very healthy snack option and provide our bodies with a ton of healthy fats, fiber, and protein. They’ve also been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and blood pressure. However, some people question whether roasting nuts affects their nutritional content. Roasting nuts adds a nice texture and crunch, as well as improving the flavor and aroma, but is it best to eat nuts raw or roasted?

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  5. Holiday Recipes with Nuts

    The holidays are here and our thoughts are preoccupied with gift wish lists, shopping excursions, planning gatherings, and menu planning.  Whether you're looking for something new and exciting to try, searching for a vegetarian or vegan take on a classic, or hoping to add in some fresh and healthy options into the mix with the heavier staples - we've got you covered, and these ingredients all include our favorite things... NUTS!

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  6. Now is the Time to Buy California Almonds

    Almonds, and ​California Almonds​ in particular, are leading the game in setting new healthy snack industry trends in 2020. And at ​​, we make it easy to stock up on bulk ​organic almonds​ straight from the source—as well as a wide variety of other trending nuts and superfoods.  Consumers are increasingly on the lookout for foods that are versatile, healthy, and delicious, and ​California almonds​ fit the bill. Dense in nutrients that include protein, fiber, vitamin E, almonds make an excellent addition to any diet, and are also used to create a wide range of different products, from protein powder and nut butter to almond milk and ice cream...

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  7. Buying Nuts in Bulk: How To Work With a Wholesale Nuts Supplier

    Buying nuts in bulk isn’t necessarily a complicated process—in fact, it’s as easy as creating an account, placing your order, and letting us know where you want it delivered.  Below, we’ll walk you through a more detailed step-by-step procedure, covering everything that you need to know when you’re buying wholesale products from Olam, the best place to buy bulk nuts and seeds online for your business...

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  8. Almond Recipes

    Almonds are unique in that we can find them at our local grocery stores in a variety of forms – natural whole almonds, sliced or diced for usage as inclusions, even almond meal or flour for a gluten free and low carb friendly flour substitute.  Whether you’re a fan of natural almond skin or creamy white blanched almonds, whether you see almonds as just a snack or as a health ingredient superstar… we’ve got recipes you’re sure to love.

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  9. Cashew Recipes

    Looking for tasty ways to incorporate cashews into your diet?  Check out these cashew recipes for ideas on scrumptious snacks, delectable dinners, and divine desserts!

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  10. Pure Batch & Olam Edible Nuts - Don't Fear the Treat!

    What do you get when you combine a female-run small business that makes tasty, healthy treats with a global nut supplier? Read on to find out how Pure Batch and Olam Edible Nuts are a perfect match.

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