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  1. Nut Ingredients and Vegan Food

    Vegan is a way of eating that excludes any and all animal products.  Food items such as meat, eggs, dairy, honey, and other animal-based dishes and ingredients are excluded from a vegan person's diet.  However, excluding animal products from your diet can be difficult and could possibly put the consumer at risk of nutritional deficiencies.  To mitigate that risk you must make sure your vegan diet is well-planned and rich in essential nutrients...

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  2. All About Almonds

    Almonds are amongst the most versatile edible nuts with a wide variety of uses, in addition to being nutritious and enjoyable to consume.  Join us as we take a look at where almonds are grown, harvested, and how Olam is one of the largest growers in the world.

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  3. Pistachios: Nutrition and Health Benefits

    Pistachios are a healthy snack option like most edible nuts, and they can be used in a variety of forms.  Join us as we take a look at the pistachio's nutritional profile and the other health benefits they provide when added in to a balanced diet.

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  4. Sesame Seeds - All You Need to Know

    Sesame seeds are tiny edible seeds that are grown from the sesame flowering plant. Very oil-rich in nature, the seeds of the plant are predominantly grown in tropical regions such as Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Nigeria, Mozambique, Uganda, and few other countries in Africa; India; Myanmar and more.  Read on to learn more about Olam's sesame offerings, how they're processed, how they're used, and their health benefits.

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  5. Walnuts at Olam

    Olam is committed to providing the best products for our customers by complying with quality and safety regulations, and walnuts are no exception.  Read on to learn more about how we ensure the quality of our walnuts, why Olam walnuts should be your top choice, and get answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

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  6. Walnuts: All you need to know

    Everything you need to know about walnuts, including their history, how they're grown and processed, and how they're used for food and non-food purposes.

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  7. Calcium Rich Nuts

    Calcium is a mineral that the human body needs, and it is found in many foods. The popular sources of calcium are dairy products such as milk and cheese; green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and okra; tofu; soya beans; fish such as sardines and pilchards; and of course, nuts! Read on to learn more about which nuts have the highest calcium content, and how calcium benefits our bodies.

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  8. All About Quinoa

    Quinoa is a popular superfood known for its health benefits, and it's an important part of Olam's Superfoods offerings.  We take you through a little Quinoa 101 in this article!

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  9. High-Protein Foods: Snacks & Recipes

    Protein is an essential nutrient found throughout the body, and it’s an important part of our diets.  Interested in adding some variety to your protein intake?  We’re big fans of incorporating nuts into meals and snacks! 

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  10. All About Cashew

    Cashews - they're delicious, nutritious, widely loved as a snack, and also used as an ingredient in many dairy replacements. #DYK that they're actually a seed and not a nut? We've got a breakdown of the cashew's history, how it's harvested and processed, and a bit of info about that funny looking fruit it's attached to!

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