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Monthly Archives: May 2022

  1. Forms of Almonds

    Almonds are an increasingly popular nut used in new product introductions, such as: bakeries, hotel chains, restaurants, cuisines, and more! The rapid rise in popularity over the past several years is due to the versatility and ability of almonds to serve as a dietary substitute.

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    The almond industry is growing at a steady rate. Large businesses, retailers, wholesalers, and resellers have shown great interest in procuring almonds from bulk nut suppliers, growers, and bulk almond handlers. Also, new businesses, food start-ups, fast food joints, bakers, and restaurants not only love to innovate, but look for dietary substitutes. There are more than 40 varieties of almonds made available globally with distinct

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  2. Cashew Grades

    There are more than 30 cashew grades; however, the buying criteria vary from business to business based on its application.  The American Food Industries Association has developed Commercial Quality Standards, Parameters, Classification, and Abbreviations to standardize and regularize cashew imports into the US market.  We have put together some key information about cashew grades so you can find the perfect nut for your application!

    Cashew Kernels are naturally white or ivory colored and graded based on their shape, size, and color - For example: whites, wholes, scorched, pieces, spotted, splits, etc. Any cashew grade is denoted by two or more alphabets followed by a number - For example: OW 320 means Organic Whole 320. The number "320" denotes that by a measure of one pound in weight, there will be 320 cashew kernels.

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  3. World Bee Day: How ofi is paying homage to buzzworthy pollinators supporting ecosystems

    World Bee Day: How ofi is paying homage to buzzworthy pollinators supporting ecosystems

    As one of the world’s largest almond growers, ofi has a deep understanding of the responsibility associated with sustainable farming practices. As an organization, ofi has committed to growing with a positive environmental impact footprint, and as part of this effort, we are proud to protect and promote pollinator health in our bee-friendly orchards.  

    Auburn University Assistant Professor and Extension Economist Brittany Goodrich writes, “Roughly 1 million acres of almond trees collectively bloom over a three-week period every February, creating spectacular scenic views but also putting enormous pressure on the farmers to pollinate them quickly. Each almond acre requires roughly two honeybee hives, each of which typically houses one colony of about 20,000 bees.

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  4. olam food ingredients (ofi) walks the floor at Natural Products Expo West 2022

    olam food ingredients (ofi) walks the floor at Natural Products Expo West 2022

    Natural Products Expo West was finally back after being paused for the past two years due to the pandemic. When it was announced the conference and tradeshow was going to resume this year, health-conscious food and beverage companies from big brands to new start-ups, and foodies everywhere rejoiced, as the opportunity to scope out the latest trends at the show became a reality again. Apart from the excitement around connecting face-to-face with existing colleagues in the industry, and sampling all those tasty innovative foods, this year was particularly special because it was the first time we attended the conference as ofi, or olam food ingredients, our new corporate brand launched last year. 

    The conference was an excellent opportunity for ofi to re-introduce our naturally delicious ingredients and demonstrate how we weave them

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