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Monthly Archives: December 2021

  1. Bulk Nuts for Retail – Some tips and tricks from the trade

    A lot of reports say nut consumption is on the rise. Owing to an increase in consumers’ interest in healthy snacking and various evidence of links to health benefits. Retail businesses, snack makers, and small food hubs look to buy bulk nuts because of nuts’ versatility, dietary benefits, and as a popular add-on to any snack. Nuts never go out of season – from nutri bars to shakes to cookies to protein-rich snacks recommended for post workouts, nuts are a preferred add-on with various presentation ideas. Nuts generate interest across any season and drive more sales. Therefore, finding the right bulk nut provider is pivotal as this helps retailers maintain optimal stock in good quality to satisfy their customers. Here are some considerations to make before selecting a bulk nut supplier

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  2. Chocolate Coated Nut Manufacturing

    When a confectionery maker creates a chocolate-coated nut dish, he/she follows a simple two-step process involving melting the chocolate in oil like coconut oil and mixing the chocolate with nuts. The heating is done till it has melted into a smooth glaze before taking the pot off the stove before it is cooled. Stirring is done with a small spoon until the chocolate is fully incorporated into the nuts.

    The external appearance of the coated nuts is important and during manufacturing, some extra steps are necessary to manage this appearance and consistency.

    First, kernels are hand-sorted so that halves and broken can be eliminated. This is due to two main reasons. One is for the consistent whole nut appearance that is preferred by the customer. Secondly, it makes sure that the chocolate-to-nut ratio is maintained for each coated nut.

    Olam provides

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