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Monthly Archives: March 2021

  1. Cashew Flour - A New Way to Bake & Cook!

    Ground and sieved to perfection, Olam Cashew Flour is made from the finest quality cashews. Being very taste-neutral and healthy, it is gaining prominence as an excellent substitute for conventional flour in premium pastries and desserts...

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  2. 5 delicious recipes you would love to devour

    Here are 5 more delicious recipes that use Olam's cashew flour and almond flour.

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  3. The Top 5 Nuts to Eat for Better Health

    Nuts are one of the healthiest snack options you can choose. They contain healthy fats and are good sources of fiber and protein. Numerous studies have shown that nuts provide various health benefits - especially in regards to reducing heart disease risk factors...

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  4. 5 delicious recipes using Olam's defatted almond and cashew flours

    Try out some of these simple and delicious recipes that call for Olam's defatted almond and cashew flours!

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