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Monthly Archives: July 2020

  1. Walnut Recipes

    When thinking of walnuts, one's mind instantly goes to holiday baking.  Sure, walnuts are a key part of our holiday treats and traditions, but they're also a versatile nut that's fabulous in a multitude of recipes and they pack a punch of healthy fats and beneficial antioxidants in every bite.  How can you incorporate more walnuts into your diet?  Read on for a host of recipes covering any of your needs - appetizers, entrees, vegan & vegetarian options, and of course... dessert!

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  2. Food and nut sources of iron

    Iron - it's an essential mineral and it can be found in a variety of foods and supplements. It's important to consume enough iron as iron deficiency can impact anyone, especially teenagers...

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  3. High fiber nuts and their benefits

    Most people are not eating enough fiber for a variety of reasons, such as confusion about the right sources, lack of information about how much fiber to consume, increase in consumption of processed foods, etc.  Some might even find sources of dietary fiber not tasty enough to consume...

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  4. Walnuts: Nutritional features and health benefits

    Walnuts – we already know they're delicious as a snack and a fabulous addition to a multitude of recipes. Did you know they also pack a ton of healthy goodness into every single bite?

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  5. Bringing Organic Quinoa to the World

    Quinoa is the crown jewel of Andean agriculture. As such, many people in the Andean region take pride in making their livelihood as contributors to the industry. What exactly does it take to get this ancient grain from the beautiful fields of Peru, onto your plate?

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  6. Sustainable Cashews: Working with Farmers the Co-operative Way

    As we recognize International #CoopsDay, the head of our Olam cashew business Mallikarjuna Kumaraswamy explains how the co-operative model is working to reimagine sustainable cashew supply chains.

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  7. Nuts About Sustainability

    Burcu Turkay, the Global Sustainability Manager for Olam Edible Nuts, took some time to discuss her sustainability journey with us. Having previously worked for Amnesty International, Burcu’s focus has expanded from human rights to a range of sustainable development issues including deforestation, water-use and even bee management. How has her journey has helped prepare her to design and lead sustainability campaigns for Olam's Edible Nuts business?

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