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In a Nutshell

Looking for information on specific ​types of nuts​? Do you want to know more about ​nuts health benefits​? We cover an extensive range of topics in our blog, from health information and nut facts to industry trends and environmentally safe practices!

In addition to offering some of the ​best nuts online​, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients always have access to the top information and​ ​market reports​. On this page, you’ll find a variety of articles that discuss the health benefits of consuming ​popular nuts​, important facts, industry trends, recipes, environmental benefits and so much more. Our goal is to not only serve as a leading place to ​buy nuts​ in bulk but as a partner in your business’s efforts to source the cheapest nuts and seeds​ without having to sacrifice quality.

  1. Rethinking Opportunity with Nut Flours and Powders

    Rethinking Opportunity with Nut Flours and Powders
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  2. ofi Paves the Way for Sustainable Hazelnuts

    ofi Paves the Way for Sustainable Hazelnuts

    Beginning in 2018, the Hazelnut Sustainability Team has taken an early journey to investigate the environmental impact for our hazelnut business. We have used AtSource, which is our sustainability offering for sustainable products and supply chains created to drive change for farmers, communities, ecosystems, and customers. The AtSource insights platform demonstrates social and environmental performance​ by providing a comprehensive view on sustainability data and metrics across supply chains.

    AtSource has been helpful  to navigate us while we took our first steps to understand where our environmental impact comes from. AtSource’s

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  3. Nut Butters

    Nut Butters

    As consumer eating and consumption patterns evolve, there is a distinct move towards adoption of healthier ingredients and alternatives. Nut butters, made from a variety

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  4. Walnut Grades

    Hand-cracked walnuts are considered one of the most premium products in the global walnut snack market owing to their flawless looks and high halves percentage.

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  5. What does Organic Almonds mean to Olam?

    What does Organic Almonds mean to Olam?

    There are numerous nutrition facts, ingredients lists, recipes and tall dietary claims printed on food packages. Pre-printed “organic” lab

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  6. Forms of Almonds


    Almonds are an increasingly popular nut, used in new product introductions in bakeries, hotel chains, restaurants, cuisines, etc. The rapid rise

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  7. Cashew Grades

    Cashew Grades

    There are more than 30 cashew grades; however, the buying criteria vary from business to business based on its application.  The American Food Industries Association has developed Commercial Quality Standards, Parameters, Classification, and Abbreviations to standardize and regularize cashew imports into the US market.  We have put together some key information about cashew grades so you can find the perfect nut for your application!

    Cashew Kernels are naturally white or ivory colored and graded basis their shape, size & color, i.e., whites, wholes, scorched, pieces, spotted, splits, etc. Any cashew grade is denoted by two or more alphabets followed by a number. For e.g., OW 320 means Organic Whole 320 The number 320 denotes that by a measure of one pound in weight, there will

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  8. World Bee Day: How ofi is paying homage to buzzworthy pollinators supporting ecosystems

    World Bee Day: How ofi is paying homage to buzzworthy pollinators supporting ecosystems

    As one of the world’s largest almond growers, ofi has a deep understanding of the responsibility associated with sustainable farming practices. As an organization, ofi has committed to growing with a positive environmental impact footprint, and as part of this effort, we are proud to protect and promote pollinator health in our bee-friendly orchards.  

    Auburn University Assistant Professor and Extension Economist Brittany Goodrich writes, “Roughly 1 million acres of almond trees collectively bloom over a three-week period every February, creating spectacular scenic views but also putting enormous pressure on the farmers to pollinate them quickly. Each almond acre requires roughly two honeybee hives, each of which typically houses one colony of about 20,000 bees. With 2 mil

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  9. olam food ingredients (ofi) walks the floor at Natural Products Expo West 2022

    olam food ingredients (ofi) walks the floor at Natural Products Expo West 2022

    Natural Products Expo West was finally back after being paused for the past two years due to the pandemic. When it was announced the conference and tradeshow was going to resume this year, health-conscious food and beverage companies from big brands to new start-ups, and foodies everywhere rejoiced, as the opportunity to scope out the latest trends at the show became a reality again. Apart from the excitement around connecting face-to-face with existing colleagues in the industry, and sampling all those tasty innovative foods, this year was particularly special because it was the first time we attended the conference as ofi, or olam food ingredients, our new corporate brand launched last year. 

    The conference was an excellent opportunity for ofi to re-introduce our naturally delicious ingredients and demonstrate how we weave them

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  10. What does “Transitional Organic” mean?

    What are transitional almonds and what is their relevance? Its important to first understand a bit about farming  practices

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The more you know, the better informed you are to make smart purchases for your business. As farmers, suppliers, processors, and innovators, we’re honored to do our part to provide you with everything that you need to make informed decisions. Click ​here​ to learn more about our services and our initiatives, which include our longstanding commitment to environmentally safe practices and providing positive outcomes to the communities and farmers that are so essential to what we do.

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