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Organic Cashews

Our organic cashews are produced using CCOF-certified farming methods with OMRI-certified organic products. We have more than 15 cashew processing and packaging facilities, many of which are HACCP and BRC-certified, enabling full traceability to international standards. View our wide variety of product offerings and purchase organic cashews in bulk or wholesale below.

Organic Cashews

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Our organic cashews sold in bulk and wholesale are produced naturally and are certified through organizations such as the Control Union and various certifications.

Our selection of raw cashews sold in bulk and wholesale are grown naturally without pesticides, in splits, pasteurized, and scorched. we prioritize environmentally-driven practices to yield the finest, purest, most flavorful wholesale cashews.

Organic Cashews Health Benefits

Bulk raw cashews make a great snack and great addition for baking and cooking. Cashews can improve your health in many ways, like helping to prevent diabetes, heart disease and aiding in reducing cholesterol levels. Those who have high cholesterol levels are at risk of forming gallstones which can cause intense inflammation in the pancreas. Organic cashews are one of the tree nuts that are rich in antioxidants, which can help to reduce that inflammation.

Cashews are also rich in fiber and a good source of healthy fats.

Other vitamins cashews contain:
* Vitamin K
* Phosphorus
* Vitamin B6
* Zinc
* Selenium

Cashew Plant Profile

Bulk organic cashews are picked from a cashew tree which can have a height of 20ft - 46ft. The tree grows best in tropical climates and can take up to three years from the time it was planted to produce nuts.

The cashew nut is not the only part of the tree that is edible. Cashew trees also produce cashew apples. The cashew nut is derived from the cashew apple. The nut can be found at the bottom of the apple.

The prime time to harvest both the cashew nut and apple is in the winter months.


We run fully-mechanised processing facilities that operate under superior safety and hygiene parameters in India and Vietnam. Almost all of our facilities are HACCP and BRC-certified, enabling us to offer our customers full traceability of our products to international standards. In addition, we are the largest cashew processor in Africa and our processing units are based in rural communities and principally offer opportunities for women to directly earn cash incomes.

We aim to serve not only our consumers with nutritious Non-GMO certified nuts, but we also are determined to aid in the development of the surrounding communities.

For years, we have dedicated our efforts to promoting diversity and inclusion. We have empowered women all around the world to pursue entrepreneurship by becoming farm owners.

Read more about our diversity and inclusion efforts here.

Product Certifications

* HACCP-certified
* BRC-certified
* Non-GMO
* Kosher
* Certified Organic
* USDA standards

we offer a variety of cashews in bulk from raw organic cashew, pasteurized cashews, cashew butter, and special ingredient grades. You can purchase cashews in bulk and have them delivered to your business or pick up using your own carrier from our California warehouse. Organic cashews are an excellent nutritional addition to your diet because they’re rich in essential minerals and protective nutrients and may reduce the risk for developing chronic conditions.

Cashews are already so flavorful that they can be enjoyed plain, straight from the bag. Over the years, people have sought out a healthier alternative to store-bought peanut butter by making their own cashew butter.

Cashew butter is a delicious vegan spread that can be added to any recipe and it is also easy to make.

Cashew Butter Recipe (small batch)


* 2 cups of cashews halves
* Sea salt
* 2-3 tbsp of your favorite sweetener (honey, vanilla)
* Blender
* Food processor


  • Grind cashews in a blender first, then transfer them to the food processor to make the butter extra creamy.
  • Every 5 minutes, add your sweetener to the mix, let the processor cool down after the addition. Turn on and repeat the process. Tip: When the food processor is stopped, take a spoon and make sure to scoop any pieces of cashews off the bottom so it can blend too.
  • You will need to grind the cashews in the processor for 15-20 minutes.
  • Once it is at the consistency you like, you can place the butter in a mason jar for storage or serve it right then and there.

Eat and Enjoy!

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