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Cashew Flour, Cashew Meal, Cashew Powder

Looking for gluten-free alternative ingredients for your restaurant or business? Browse our bulk almond flour/powder/meal selection and wholesale almond flour/powder/meal to meet your baking and culinary needs! Almond flour is created from blanched and crushed almonds. It has a mildly sweet, slightly nutty profile that compliments the flavor of many baked foods including muffins, breads, and pancakes. With the growth and wider availability of gluten-free options, you'll meet the needs of a wider customer base, including those with a gluten intolerance or those adhering to certain dietary lifestyles like keto and paleo. Additionally, almond flour is a more nutritious, protein-packed alternative to regular flour. 

Nut flours are the perfect alternative to traditional, wheat-based grain flours for consumers looking for healthier ingredients. And they’re gaining popularity – the global almond flour market is expected to generate USD 2.7 billion in revenue by 2029.

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Demand for plant-based proteins is on the rise. Research points to a 38% sales increase over the past two years. Thanks to their attractive nutritional profile, nuts are often a key ingredient used in gluten-free/grain-free baked goods, dairy alternatives in beverages and meat alternatives.

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Cashew Meal, Cashew Powder

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