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Premium Bulk Almonds

We are one of world's largest growers of almonds with extensive orchards in Australia and California. We deliver fresh almonds year-round to customers worldwide. Furthermore, we offer a broad range of quality, sustainable, and premium almonds in a variety of shapes, sizes, and granulations that are perfectly suited for your business needs. Easily shop our large selection of bulk almonds and wholesale almonds below.

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About our Almonds

We are the largest grower of almonds globally with a strong presence in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.​

With around 48,000 acres of almond orchards in California and Australia, we deliver fresh volumes of quality almonds year-round for our customers worldwide.  

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and supporting the communities where we operate. This includes investing in state-of-the-art irrigation systems and creating pollinator habitats. We are also working with the Almond Industry Board in California to participate in industry-wide sustainability initiatives.

ofi Processing

We have processing operations in Hughson, CA, Mildura, Australia and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, which allows us to provide several ingredient options and have direct control over each stage of the production process.  All almond facilities are HACCP and BRC-certified, enabling full traceability to international standards.    

Product Offerings

We provide customised snacking and ingredient formats for natural and blanched almonds. Using state-of-the-art technology, we offer a wide variety of different almonds such as whole, sliced, diced, slivered, meal, flower and split formats, retaining their rich flavour and nutritional value. Through our facilities across three continents, customers can enjoy a reliable supply of tailored solutions from whole nuts to ingredients. 

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Here's a quick snapshot of how some of our almond products can be used

Application Almonds to Buy
Nut Bars Blanched wholes
Premium Snacking Nuts NPX 20/22
Snacking Nuts NPX 27/30

Flour & Butter

Butter Natural whole & broken
Ice cream toppings Blanched Sliced / Slivered
Yogurt Butter
Cheese Butter
Cookies Flour & Blanched Sliced / Slivered
Beverages Blanched wholes & blanched butter
Inshell Inshell Almonds


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