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Whole Pistachio Kernels USX1 80% (Pasteurized)

From New Jersey with USA origin
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Pistachio Kernels USX1 Wholes 80% Pasteurized

Our USX1 Whole kernels are amongst the most luxurious nuts in the world. This product is pasteurized. For centuries, pistachio kernels have been an indulgence of the royals and their demand as an ingredient has grown significantly over the past decade. Grown right here in the United States, in California, these nuts are hand-picked and preserved with utmost care to retain their unique taste and freshness. This USX1 pistachios ship from our California warehouse and customers have the following shipping options:

  • 1 carton = 25 lbs
  • 1 pallet of 25lb cartons = 2,000 pounds (80 cartons x 25 lbs)

Our customers can purchase bulk pistachios and wholesale pistachios. For more information on our warehouses please click here. For full product specification please click here.


The pistachio tree (Pistacia vera) is native to western Asia and Asia Minor and was introduced to Mediterranean Europe in the First Century A.D. Pistachios are grown in areas with hot and dry climates in areas of Asia, Europe, Africa, and the American West. Although the majority of all pistachios are utilized as in-shell snacks, the use of pistachio kernels has been a tradition in food products for ages. Pistachio kernels are an important ingredient in Middle-Eastern confectionery such as sweetmeats, bakery, and thousands of snack combinations. In North America, food processors are integrating pistachio kernels into high-value baking, confectionery, snacks, and other items.


  • Bakery: Pistachio kernels are an ingredient used to add a distinct flavor in commercial bakery items such as sweetbreads, muffins, and bagels.
  • Confectionery: In Asian culture, pistachio kernels are commonly used as additions in confections such as Baklava, Halvas, and Indian sweets.
  • Snacks: Pistachios nuts retain a strong flavor and go well with several coatings, such as garlic, chili, salt, and curry. Therefore, they are a traditional ingredient in snack mixes.
  • Prepared foods: Pistachios are able to withstand reheating and microwaving and hence are a common addition in frozen foods.
  • Dairy: Pistachio kernels are a common addition in ice-creams, sorbets, and other dairy-based desserts.
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