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Organic Tricolor Quinoa (50:25:25)

From New Jersey with Peru origin
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Organic Tricolor Quinoa

Our Organic Tricolor Quinoa is 50% White Quinoa, 25% Red Quinoa, and 25 percent Black Quinoa. The Organic tricolor quinoa is a blend of the three varieties of quinoa and has a nutty flavor and crunchy, fluffy texture. For full product specification please click here. For a full listing of our quinoa products please click here

To know more about Olamnuts' commitment to the quality and safety of our Quinoa products please click here.

To learn more about how Olam brings organic quinoa from the Andean region to North America, Europe, and the rest of the world, check out this blog by our very own Dustin Nelson

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Quinoa has a two-year recommended shelf life from the production date. They are vacuum-sealed and packaged in 25lb or 55lb per bag. This particular product ships from our New Jersey warehouse and has its origin in Peru.

About Quinoa:

Quinoa grows naturally, high in the mountains of Peru and Bolivia.  Once the organic red quinoa grains are harvested, they are brought to our facilities to go through quality control processing.  We sample all quinoa products to test for pesticides and herbicides and analyze for humidity and saponin. The grains are filtered to remove impurities and foreign matters.  Then they go through our saponin extraction patented technology.  The grains are selected by density, eliminating deformed grains and foreign matters.

We guarantee that every step of the process complies with the highest quality control standards.  Our processing facility is certified BRC-AA, HACCP, GMP, Kosher, and Gluten-Free. We are certified organic via USDA/NOP, EU 834/2007, and JAS.  We also have the EcoSocial, FairTrade, and SMETA social certifications. Our Organic Tricolor Quinoa is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, kosher certified, gluten-free, and processed in an allergen-free facility.  It is considered to be highly nutritional food. 


Organic tricolor quinoa can be used like other cereals such as rice, wheat, or lentils. It can be consumed in sweet or savory dishes.

  • Industrial applications: muesli, cereal bars, multigrain bread, topping chocolates, fried foods, among others
  • Preparation in dishes: salads and wraps, quinoa bowls, sandwiches, cakes, desserts, drinks, risottos, soups, paellas, among others.
  • Others: Pasta, flour, flakes, extrudates, puffed snacks, crispy toppings.


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