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Organic Mixed Cashew Whole

From New Jersey with Vietnam origin
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Organic Mixed Cashew Wholes

The Organic Mixed Cashew Wholes, or OMCW in short, are premium large-sized natural cashews that are a combination of various-sized whole kernels that include spotted wholes, scorched wholes, blemished wholes, and shriveled wholes. The OMCW are the ungraded stocks and are not pasteurized. They are always processed before being consumed.

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Our customers can purchase bulk cashews and wholesale cashews. For more information on our warehouses please click here

This product ships from Olamnuts’ New Jersey warehouse and has its origins in Vietnam. Our customers have three shipping options to choose from. They are:

  • 50lb carton
  • 1 pallet of 50lb boxes (2,000 lbs)
  • 1 container of 50lb boxes (35,000 lbs)


The “O” in the OMCW stands for Organic, meaning these cashews are produced naturally in an organic farm with the use of organically certified products through organizations such as the Control Union.

The “M” refers to the product being mixed, which indicates that they are ungraded mixed cashew wholes. Mixed cashew wholes is a combination of Wholes, Spotted wholes, Scorched Wholes and Shriveled wholes of different sizes.

The “C” and “W” mean that the product is a cashew whole.

At present, India, Ivory Coast and Vietnam are the world’s biggest producers of this kidney-shaped nut. In fact, Olam has a large presence in Vietnam, having set up base 22 years ago and has grown organically to over 6,500 employees in the central and southern regions. Olam Vietnam Limited, a subsidiary of Olam International, has even been recognized as one of the best places to work in Vietnam, thanks to the company’s commitment to investing in its people.

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The OMCW are cashew wholes that are used in the manufacture of cashew butter and are also consumed when they are honey-coated or chocolate-coated.

The are generally not used for making bars or granolas because of the varying colors of cashew kernels. Although they can be used if blemishes can be managed.  

It’s a very good value product for the applications that it achieves.

Cashews being sold to you must be subjected to a validated heat treatment (kill step) before direct human consumption.

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WarehouseNew Jersey
Ships In2 Business Days
Shipping Details

Shipping Information

When it comes to packaging, we offer wholesale organic mixed cashew wholes.  Some customers prefer 1600 lb. super sacks for factory usage or 50 lb. cashew tins.   

Pallet options:                                  

  • 40 cartons x 50lbs – 2000lbs.
  • 60 cartons x 25lbs = 1500lbs.
  • 1 supersack x 1600lbs = 1600lbs.
  • 24 tins x 25lbs = 600lbs.

20ft container contains 35,000lbs. when flat loaded

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