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Account Creation
How do I sign up to be a customer?
Simply fill out the form and submit https://olamnuts.com/customer/account/create/ ! Once you have registered, you can use the login/password to login. You will also be assigned a sales team member to help you in case you have any questions.
Why order online
Order online for convenience, price, quality, negotiations, contracts, & self-service. We are adding features regularly to OlamNuts.com to make it the easiest place to “Buy Nuts Online”. Some of the current features are payment convenience, shipping for FTL, LTLs & cartons/bags, product photos, documents, videos etc. Also, your shipping information is available in your accounts section. Along, with online ordering, we offer personalized help by assigning you a dedicated account manager.
How do I delete my account?
Please email us at US-EN-CustomerSupport@olamnet.com and we can process this request.
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Order Information
How do I order a product not on the website?
For any inquiries about Edible Nut products not available on our website, please contact us at US-EN-CustomerSupport@olamnet.com.
I want to make a change to my order. What next?
If you would like to make a change to your order, or cancel your order, please contact us at US-EN-CustomerSupport@olamnet.com.
I missed my appointment to pick up my order. What now?
If you missed your scheduled pick up, you can reschedule your appointment at your convenience. The warehouse information is given here https://olamnuts.com/warehouse-information. We work with third party warehouses, and they might have missed appointment fees that customers might need to cover.
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Customer Service
How do I schedule an appointment to pick up my order?
Please determine the warehouse location that is processing your order by checking your Warehouse Release. The ‘warehouse release information’ is emailed to you after your online order placement. We work with third party warehouses, that require 24hour prior appointment to be taken before a pickup can be scheduled.
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Product Information
I have a problem with the product I received. What now?
If you encounter an issue, please refer to the Terms and Conditions associated with your order for more information. Secondly, please reach out to your assigned sales team member, or simply email us at US-EN-CustomerSupport@olamnet.com.
I have additional product specification questions?
To view Product Specification sheets pertaining to our products, please log in to your account and visit the page of the product you are interested in (files are only visible to logged in customers).
How can I submit a supplier questionnaire?
To submit a supplier questionnaire for completion, please send the request to US-EN-CustomerSupport@olamnet.com
Where can I find a Kosher or Organic Certification?
You can find them on your product page, under the tab “Product Certifications”.
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I did not get my shipment specific documents?

Please contact us at US-EN-CustomerSupport@olamnet.com for any documentation that may be missing.

What is lead time?
Lead Time is the time it takes for Olam to prep and process your order. This typically ranges from 2 to 15 days depending on the product's packaging and treatment. You will find this on every product page listed as 'Ships In' or 'Lead Time'.
I need product certifications for an audit.
You will find most certifications on the ' Our Certifications' page at the top of your screen. Can't find what you are looking for, please contact us through LiveChat or email US-EN-CustomerSupport@olamnet.com
What is my order status?
You can check your order status at any time by logging into your account, selecting 'My Account' > 'My Orders > view the order you are seeking information on and the up-to-date status will be available. If you still have questions or concerns, please contact us on LiveChat or at US-EN-CustomerSupport@olamnet.com
What payment methods do you offer?
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), eCheck, and Credit Key Business Credit NET30, ACH/Wire. For certain larger/regular customers we also offer Olam Payment terms NET30
What is the ACH/Wire transfer process?
Our ACH/Wire Transfer details will be sent to you once your order is confirmed via Olam Payment terms. Please note that all wire transfers must be received before your order will be confirmed and begin processing.
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