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Dry Roasted Peanuts

From North Carolina/Texas with USA origin
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Ships From North Carolina/Texas
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20,000lbs (2,000lb Nitrogen Flushed APC 1-Way Tote Bags (Palletized & Stretch-wrapped) 8-12 Weeks
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Dry Roasted Peanut Splits  

Our Dry Roasted Peanuts are prepared from US-Origin, high-quality USDA grade runner peanuts. This product is considered a split as the nuts are not whole in nature.

This product is inherently non-GMO as no commercially available peanut seeds are genetically modified.

Just like our other products, the runner peanuts used in the preparation of our Dry Roasted Peanuts have been pre-cleaned and electronically sorted to remove damaged and/or discolored peanuts and foreign material. The peanuts are then roasted, split-nut blanched, optically sorted, metal detected and finally packaged.

This product has a shelf life of around 6 months if stored in 34-40*F with relative humidity ranging between 55 and 65 percent. If the product is stored in 70-75*F then the expected shelf life is 3 months.

This product, Dry Roasted Peanuts, is available by the pallet and ships factory direct from either North Carolina or Texas.  


About Runner Peanuts:

Our Dry Roasted Peanuts are made from runner peanuts, which are sourced locally in all major growing regions across the US. They are sourced primarily in the Southeast but also partially in the Mid-South, Virginia-Carolina, and the Southwest.

The journey of these high-quality runner peanuts from the growing farm to the table includes harvesting, shelling, grading, cleaning, sorting, and roasting the peanuts to an optimal color. These roasted peanuts are then split-nut blanched, granulated, and sized before being metal detected and packaged to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality.


Our peanut products have a 8-week lead time as they are made-to-order and not stocked. Once the peanut products are produced, samples are sent for micro testing while the remaining stock sits in our in-house warehouse until clearance. This stock sits in ambient temperature as this warehouse is not temperature controlled.

More Information
Ships FromNorth Carolina/Texas
Ships In8-12 Weeks
SpecificationDownload Specification
Shipping Details

Shipping Option 1: Delivery of ‘Pallets’

Question 1: How will the pallet be shipped? 

Answer 1: Pallets will be shipped via dedicated carriers.

Question 2: How many Bags are there on a pallet?

Answer 2: It will have one 2000lb Nitrogen Flushed APC 1-Way Tote Bags per pallet (TOTAL - 10 PALLETS)

Question 3: Is the pallet shrink-wrapped?

Answer 3: Yes

Question 4: How can I track my shipment?

Answer 4: You will receive your order's Tracking Number, along with the BOL, by Email and they can also be viewed in the “My Accounts” section. 

Additionally, you can track the shipment via LTL PRO

 Question 5: How many days will the pallet take to arrive? 

Answer 5: Please allow pallets to be ready for shipment within 8-12 weeks from the date of ordering but the ready date will be confirmed at the time of order. Arrival time will be based on the transit time required from the facility (once shipped) to the final destination.

Question 6: Does the pallet arrive with a forklift? Or do customers need a forklift?

Answer 6: Customers will need a forklift or pallet jack to unload the pallets as each will weight approximately 2,000 pounds.

Option 2: Self-pickup at the warehouse 

Question 1: Can I pick up the stocks from the warehouse? If yes, how?

Answer 1: After the order is placed using the pickup option, a release document which contains the pickup details is sent to your registered email address. Our facility will confirm the ready date and arrangements can be made for pickup. The warehouse loads on a FCFS basis and loading hours are M-F 0700-1400 local time. Due to limited warehouse space, orders must be picked up from our facility on the ready date. Failure to pick up the product on the specified date is subject to additional fees for shipping/handling expenses to an offsite cold storage facility.

Olam recommends customers communicate via email with the appropriate warehouse to schedule a pickup appointment and send their vehicle for pickup at the scheduled time.

If you have more questions, please ask in the “Product Questions” section and we will answer them at the earliest.

Our warehouse details are given on the link here


Expiration DatePlease contact us at for the expiry date.
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Customer Questions
Do you sell your peanuts in a smaller quantity for home use?
Unfortunately, we do not sell for personal consumption.
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