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Cashew Organic Pasteurized Large Pieces

From California with Vietnam origin
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Cashew Organic Pasteurized Large Pieces

Cashew Organic Pasteurized Large Pieces are a variety of cashews that have kernels larger than 4.75mm in size, and which are both Pasteurized and Organic. These large pieces may be light brown, light ivory, light ash-grey, or deep ivory in color. The pieces may show light brown speckles or blemishes on the surface. 

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This product ships from Olamnuts’ California warehouse and are grown in Vietnam. Our customers have three shipping options to choose from. They are:

  • 50lb carton
  • 1 pallet of 50lb boxes (2,000 lbs)
  • 1 container of 50lb boxes (35,000 lbs)


The Organic Pasteurized Large Pieces, as the name suggests, is an organic product that is certified through organizations such as Control Union.

This product is also pasteurized, which means it has been subjected to a Log5 pasteurization method. Olam can provide a pasteurization certificate at the request of the customer.

The "Large" refers to the kernels being large pieces, which are defined as greater than 4.75mm in size.

This product is not a whole hence is called pieces.


The Large Piece Cashews are generally used for two purposes. The first purpose is to mix them with wholes in a specific proportion to generate consumable snacks.

The other purpose is to make cashew butter, granola, bars, and cashew yogurt. Any place where cashews need to be ground down into butter-like smoothness is where the product does very well.


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