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AtSource Cashew Organic White Splits

From California with Cote d'Ivoire origin
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Availability Out of Stock
Warehouse California
ORIGIN Cote d'Ivoire
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50 lb. Carton2 Business Days Out of Stock
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1 Pallet of 50 lb. Boxes (2,000 lbs.)2 Business Days Out of Stock
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AtSource Cashew Organic White Splits

Atsource Cashew Organic White Splits

These OWS cashews are from an Olam AtSource supply chain. This means that these products are subject to reassurance through the Olam Supplier Code and monitored through the AtSource data system. Customers buying these AtSource cashews can obtain access to the AtSource platform. To learn more about AtSource, please visit

The AtSource dashboard provides customers with a single view of sustainability parameters across the supply chains they are buying products from, as well as with insights into how to influence these elements for the better. Farmer and impact narratives are also available on the insights platform.

The end-to-end metrics, action plans and corresponding stories can be used by customers to meet sustainability requirements, build trust and confidence in their brand, report on sustainability initiatives and transform supply chains.

Through AtSource, customers can join Olam in our purpose of reimagining global agriculture and food systems, enabling prosperous farmers and farming systems, supporting thriving communities, and regenerating the living world.

About the Product

Atsource Cashew Organic White Splits, or OWS in short, are raw, naturally broken halves. This product is not pasteurized. If you'd like the Pasteurized White Splits Cashews please Cashew Pasteurized White Splits

Our customers can purchase bulk cashews and wholesale cashews. For more information on our warehouses please click here

For full product specification please click here. This product ships from Olamnuts’ California warehouse and are grown in the Ivory Coast. Our customers have two shipping options to choose from. They are:

  • 50lb carton
  • 1 pallet of 50lb boxes (2,000 lbs)


The "O" is a reference to the product being organically produced, while “W” is a reference to the product's color, white and “S” stands for Splits, which means the product is half cashews wholes. Splits are generally very pleasant and esthetically appealing to look at because of their symmetry.


The Organic Cashew white splits are generally used for making bars or granolas or mixed with whole nuts in a specific proportion to generate consumable snacks. Industrial application: used as ingredients in chocolate, cookies, sweets, and ice cream. Preparation in dishes: used in cuisines, garnishing sweets or curries, soups, or mixed salad.

Olam Edible Nuts is a fully-integrated company in most major producing and processing origins. With a multitude of cashew processing and packaging facilities across Asia and Africa, our operations enable full traceability to international standards. Our cashews are USDA certified organic, halal, kosher, BRC food safety certified, and ethically traded.


Cashews being sold to you must be subjected to a validated heat treatment (kill step) before direct human consumption.

More Information
Ships FromCalifornia
Ships In2 Business Days

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Shipping Details

Shipping Option 1 : Delivery of ‘Single Cartons’

Question 1: How will I receive my order?

Answer 1: Your order will be shipped via FedEx.

Question 2: How can I track my shipment?

Answer 2: You will receive your order's Tracking Number by Email and can also be viewed in the “My Accounts” section. 

Question 3: How many days will the shipment take to arrive at the delivery address?

Answer 3: It will take 2 working days to dispatch from Olam's third-party warehouse and 3-7 days for the order to be delivered.


Shipping Option 2: Delivery of ‘Pallets’

Question 1: How will the pallet be shipped? 

Answer 1: Pallets will be shipped via LTL carriers.

Question 2: How many cartons are there on a pallet?

Answer 2: If a pallet contains 50-lb cartons then there will be 40 cartons per pallet.

Question 3: Is the pallet shrink-wrapped?

Answer 3: Yes

Question 4: How can I track my shipment?

Answer 4: You will receive your order's Tracking Number, along with the BOL, by Email and they can also be viewed in the “My Accounts” section. 

Additionally, you can track the shipment via LTL PRO


Question 5: How many days will the pallet take to arrive? 

Answer 5: It will take 2 working days to dispatch from Olam's third-party warehouse. The pallet generally takes 3-8 days from the date of Dispatch. That is a total of 5-10 days for delivery from the date of ordering.

Question 6: Does the pallet arrive with a forklift? Or do customers need a forklift?

Answer 6: Customers have the option of choosing the shipping method.


Option 3: Self-pickup at the warehouse 

Question 1: Can I pick up the stocks from the warehouse? If yes, how?

Answer 1: Yes, you can.

After the order is placed using the pickup option, a release document, which contains the pickup details, is sent to your registered Email address. You can then schedule a pickup appointment with the warehouse, around 24 to 48 hours before the pickup. 

Please note that since Olam operates from third-party warehouses, customers are required to schedule the pickup, which is free of cost. However, some warehouses charge for missed appointments and same-day pickups, which will be invoiced to you by the warehouse directly. 

Olam recommends customers communicate via email with the appropriate warehouse to schedule a pickup appointment and send their vehicle for pickup at the scheduled time.

If you have more questions, please ask in the “Product Questions” section and we will answer them at the earliest.

Our warehouse details are given on the link here


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pdf Kosher Certificate - IVC pdf 106.8 KB Download
pdf Gluten Statement - IVC pdf 616.1 KB Download
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