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Almonds Organic Carmel/California Supreme Unsized

From California with USA origin
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Organic Carmel/California Supreme Unsized

Almonds Organic California Supreme Unsized

Organic California Supreme are natural, whole almonds produced using CCOF-certified farming methods with OMRI-certified organic products. We at Olamnuts offer our almonds in pasteurized form.

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“Supreme” is the USDA grade descriptor signifying that these are a visually superior product, similar to the Nonpareil Extra – however, Supreme grade almonds allow for a slightly higher tolerance of doubles, chip and scratch and other defects throughout the load of nuts.

These grading tolerances are mentioned below:

Dissimilar Doubles Chip & Scratch Foreign Material Particles & Dust Split & Broken Other Defects Serious Damage
5% 15% 10% 0.05% 0.1% 1% 5% 1.5%


The California variety is a culmination of over 30 different varieties and does not exist as its own varietal in actuality. Since there are so many different smaller varieties throughout California it was decided many years ago that they would all be grouped under the umbrella name “California.”

The California type varieties are described as adaptable and most appropriate for virtually any process or application. With a wide range of kernel shapes, skin color, and surface characteristics, California varieties are suitable for blanching and can be used in manufactured ingredients such as dicing, and slicing.

Olam customers can also use these almonds for nut mixes, confectionery and also for vegan alternatives such as milk and many more.

Shipping Information

When it comes to packing, we at Olam ensure safety and quality of the product. We offer these almonds in an industry-standard 50 lb carton with no liner, to keep the product at a standard moisture level of 5.5 percent that allows them to breathe. 

Olam also offers bigger packages such as 2,200 lb Fiber Bins as well as Super Sacks. The different combinations of packaging are:

  • 40 cartons x 50 lbs. = 2,000 lbs.
  • 1 Fiber Bin = 2,200 lbs, which is also available at 2,000 lbs.
  • 1 Super Sack = 2,200 lbs, which is also available at 2,000 lbs.


The Organic California Supreme almonds are an excellent snack option as they are loaded with nutrients, minerals, fiber, protein and all the healthy goodness our customers would need in a nutritious snack.  A serving of these almonds can satiate our customers and give them a healthy boost to their day. 

The Organic California Supreme almonds’ USP is their versatility as they can also be used to manufacture almond milk, almond flour, almond butter, and other forms.

These almonds, which you can purchase from, are also great when they are toasted!

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